To ensure that you have a speedy and accurate printing experience with us we ask that you provide us with print-ready files. 

You can download these files to use as guides to help make your files print-ready.

We are here to help! If you ever have any problems or questions setting up your files, please email us at prepress@polydotprint.com or just give us a call!

Template_2x3.5 business card (bleed)Download
Template_3.66x8.5 RackCardDownload
Template_4.25x2.75 (1/8 page ) + bleedDownload
Template_4.25x3.66 (1/6 page)Download
Template_4.25x5.5 (1/4 page) + bleedDownload
Template_4.25x11 (1/2 page L)Download
Template_4x6 + bleedDownload
Template_5.5x2.125 ticket + bleedDownload
Template_5x7 + bleedDownload
Template_8.5x2.75 (1/4 page L)Download
Template_8.5x3.66 (1/3 page)Download
Template_8.5x5.5 (1/2 page) + bleedDownload
Template_8.5x11 Brochure_Inside+bleedDownload
Template_8.5x11 Brochure_Outside+bleedDownload
Template_8.5x11 + bleedDownload